Can-Con 2015 This Weekend!

This weekend I will be at Can-Con, Ottawa’s science fiction convention. Good times are ahead, including the launch of Robotica from Pop Seagull Publishing!

Other good times include:

Friday, October 30:

Backstories and the Development of Villains: 7:00 PM, Salon D

Saturday, October 31:

Scifi Cult movies (Buckaroo Banzai, Mystery Men, Repo Man, etc): 7:00 PM, Salon C

Candle-Lit Ghost Stories: Tell and listen to spooky stories: 8:00 PM, Salon D

Sunday, November 1:

Speculating Sex and Sexuality: 10:00 AM, Salon D

FanFiction Reading – The Guilty Pleasure: 2:00 PM, Salon E