SFContario 6

Last weekend I was a con-man once again! It was great to be back at SFContario.

Well, mostly. I had a reading scheduled for 6 Friday night, so I made a mad dash from work to get to the Ramada in Toronto’s downtown core. There was some confusion about which room I was reading in; I’d already peppered the seats with flyers when I was told I needed to be somewhere else! Apparently my badge schedule had a typo. I found my room without too much trouble, but there was one fairly significant problem: no audience. The room was empty, and it remained so for my entire reading time. 😦

Not the best start to the convention, but the rest of the con more than made up for it. I had my Friday panel, But I Liked It, with Julie Czerneda, David Clink and Michael Martineck, and it was a lot of fun. It was a panel I’d suggested a year or so back, and I’m delighted that programming still thought the idea had merit.

After that I attended a Kari Maaren concert, and she was terrific as always. I found out she had a second CD, so I demanded she take my money! The Can-Lit song is classic.

Saturday started slowly for me. I didn’t have any panels until 4, so I took my time waking up, had breakfast, and watched a Hellraiser movie. Not the good one. Not the first one, either. I headed out just after one, arrived at 2:30 and hung out in the Consuite before heading to my three back-to-back panels.

First up: Real World Settings and People in Urban Fantasy, with Julie Czerneda(again!), Douglas Smith and Jane Glatt. I was chosen to moderate, and we had a good talk. I learned some stuff, too!

Immediately after I had The 12th Doctor, a panel about Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi, with Kari Maaren and Paul Carreau. I was late – had to stop in the can – and then I became moderator by default. And I did not moderate all that well this time. I spent too much time engaging the audience and not enough time engaging my fellow panelists. Other than that it was a good panel – the audience seemed to have a good time.

My third and final panel for this con was Your Technobabble is My Science. As a fantasy/humour author, science hasn’t really been one of my selling points – I favour the make-it-up-as-I-go method of writing. Nevertheless I held my own with Eric Choi, Julie Czerneda (yet again!) and Claire McCague, and it was good fun. Afterward I hung out with friends over dinner, then made my way home.

I had no programming on Sunday, but I came in anyway. The Aurora Awards were on, but I wasn’t really interested in those. Instead I hung out with friends, ate poutine, and attended two panels: Tapping the Appropriate Market, with Ira Nayman and Jane Ann McLachlan; and Multiculturalism in SF, with Saladin Ahmed, Charlotte Ashby, Eric Choi, Kari Maaren & Hayden Trenholm. In the Dealer’s Room I met A.A. Jankiewicz, author of Q-16 and the Eye to All Worlds. She was a pleasant and cheerful person in a Legend of Zelda hat, who made the brilliant salesperson move of telling me her book was available for the Kobo. It’s my next read!

Now it’s over. Reality has returned. That was my last con for 2015.

Here’s to 2016 being a great year!

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