What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I’m happy to announce that the edits for The Five Demons You Meet In Hell are done. The revised draft is back at Pop Seagull, delivered a full week ahead of schedule. Gosh, I’m fantastic!

I’ve been in contact with the programming people at Ad Astra, still a month away but closing in fast. I will be a panelist again, naturally, when I’m not busy LAUNCHING FIVE DEMONS!!! I can’t wait.

I’ve added more to the world of fanfiction. One is a continuation of a Doctor Who story, spun out of Bane of the Doctor: Coda. I’m very happy this story is coming together, and I’ll start posting episodes when they are ready. It’s called Abby and the Doctor, and is a crossover between Dr. Who and the 2009 indie dramedy, Paper Man.

The other is currently posted, and is a weird and wacky crossover that throws Marvel’s merc with a mouth Deadpool into The Big Bang Theory. I’ve had the ‘Pool on my mind a lot in the lead-up to the release of the film, and that enthusiasm hasn’t waned one bit since. I’ve seen it 3 times now, and still can’t get enough! When I saw a certain BBT episode, I saw the perfect place to stick Deadpool in! Before I post the link, though, be warned – the story is a hard-R, suitable for my Section K fans but not my YA work. Read at your own risk. Rated D for Deadpool.