More Fanfic!

I’ve written a couple more fanfic stories, posted on Archive of Our Own. As before, I’m using the pseudonym RodimusDoctor.


Both stories take place in the Transformers movie universe (or Bayverse), prior to the events of Age of Extinction. One of them features Deadpool. The other features a Dinobot. And both tie in to my Merc vs. Metal series.


Merc vs Metal: Masters of Head is a direct sequel to Sideswipe Gets ‘Pooled. I introduce the Headmaster concept into the Bayverse, courtesy of Weasel (Deadpool’s ‘pal’). Weasel has worked with robotics in Marvel Comics, so it didn’t seem too much of a stretch to suggest he might experiment with Cybertronian robotics and their application.


The story also gave me the opportunity to detail the fate of the Twins, Skids and Mudflap. Both were absent from the movie Dark of the Moon, even though they both appeared (and died at the hands of Sentinel Prime) in the novel and comic adaptations. Since the movies are canon, I decided the Twins’ fates were still up in the air and therefore fair game for fanfic!


The second story is I, Snarl. There are always a lot of characters introduced in the toylines that don’t make it into the films, and AoE was no exception. We see four Dinobots (or Legendary Warriors) in the film – Grimlock, Scorn, Strafe and Slug – and the toyline gave us three more. Two of those (Slog and Slash) I used in the first Merc vs. Metal (and I added Skullcruncher to the mix, because I figured they could use a crocodile). I could have thrown the third non-film Dinobot – Snarl – in there, too, but I saw bigger and better things for him. What if one of the Knights had done something terrible, and went into exile? And what if the bounty hunter Lockdown found him? I, Snarl is the result.


What’s next? Well, I actually want to get back to some of my own stuff. I’m into the last third of Zombie Jesus Day, and I’d like to have the first draft written by Christmas. Then, I’d like to start a third Boston Lefebvre novel.


There are more fanfic stories on the horizon, however. Merc vs. Metal: Deadpool Gets Primed is coming, and I want to do a story featuring Crosshairs, Hound, and some of the Decepticons who survived the events of Dark of the Moon. Plus, I want to write more Doctor Who. He’s too much fun!


Of course, my Muse will dictate which project comes next (though she can, on occasion, be bargained with). We shall see.


Can-Con 2016 – An Overview

Another of my favourite conventions has been, come and gone. Here are the highlights.

The venue was new: the Novotel beside the Rideau Centre and the Byward Market. It’s a nice hotel, if a little cramped. The hallways were difficult to navigate between panels, the right staircases were not obvious, and there were two towers and therefore two different 3rd floors. A bit confusing, but hardly enough to stop the fun.

A new feature this year were the name cards/character sheets. Designed like Dungeons & Dragons character sheets, the id badges provided a game element to the con. Points could be gained by attending panels and readings, getting signed copies of books, meeting new people, and other fun con activities. I myself did not take full advantage of this new element – I kept meaning to update my card and have boss battles with the con organizers, but I just never got to it. Very creative idea, though.

My panels went well. Friday night I had my reading, followed immediately by the Batman vs. Superman panel. There were roughly ten people at my reading, including fellow readers Ada Hoffmann and Timothy(!) Gwyn. I got some laughs, and we were all well-received.

The BvS: Cataloguing The Badness panel was surprisingly civilized. We debated the pluses and minuses of the film, and agreed on quite a few things. Attendance was low for a Friday night panel on a divisive movie, though.

Saturday gave me mixed feelings. I attended a couple of afternoon panels and hung out with friends, then made my way to my Can The Exorcist Work In The Modern World panel at 5. This one didn’t go the way I’d expected – I’d thought the discussion would be about religious-themed stories like The Exorcist and whether they can resonate with secular audiences today. Instead there was very little of that, and most of the time was devoted to the Exorcist novel and movie and what everyone thought of them. And, the moderator warned everyone to be respectful of religious beliefs, which troubled me a bit. It’s not that I wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I did want to speak freely about why I felt Exorcist-type stories could still invoke fear. For me, the realization that the nuttiest of religious extremists were right all along is a concept too terrifying to accept. I managed to make that point anyway, but felt unable to really contribute to a conversation that centred around a movie I saw once (and a novel I hadn’t read) rather than jumping off from it. A shame – I was really looking forward to that one.

The Spam panel would have been a lot more fun if we’d had more participants. As it was there were two of us, and a moderator acting as referee. I’m pretty pleased with the spam story I pieced together, but this event wasn’t as enjoyable as it should have been.

The highlight of Saturday was, of course, the Paper Airplane Contest! Marie Bilodieu was once again running the event with an iron fist of fear, even though her voice was half-gone. I feared her, but I also wanted to give her a ginger ale or something. My plane did a spectacular belly-flop into loserville, but my rendition of Monty Python’sAlways Look On The Bright Side Of Life” was a smash hit (Marie insists participants sing for their paper, or tell a joke or something).

I ended the day with a couple of book trades (those count as sales, right?) and generally good spirits.

I had no programming on Sunday, so I went to hang out and go to the readings of S.M. Carriere, Erik Buchanan and Nicole Lavine. Made a couple of (heavily discounted) sales, too! Less stuff to carry back.

And then it ended. Sadness. But good memories. Not as successful promotion-wise as Ad Astra or last year’s Can Con had been – really hard to sell books without a dealer’s room table.

And that’s it, con-wise, for this year. No SFContario to look forward to, unfortunately. I shall miss my fandom friends. They are a good bunch, and really help to make life worth living!

TransFormerCon 2016 – Belated Post

I typed this post a while back, but life was in the process of happening and it never got posted. Here it is at long last:


After a year’s absence, I returned to TransFormerCon last month to promote my books and sell my toys. The former didn’t work out so well. The latter, however, was extremely lucrative.

The con was held at the Hilton Meadowvale in the wilds of Mississauga. Once again I booked a room (at the reduced TFCon rate, thanks to the con staff), and packed up all I could carry – 2/3rds of my collection in two suitcases and an enormous Tardis bag. Good thing Tardis bags are bigger on the inside!

Last time I spent about 3 hours getting to the hotel on Mississauga Transit. This time I took one bus from Finch Station. Thank you, GO Transit!

And thank you to Marco, the stranger who helped me get my luggage from the bus stop to the hotel lobby. I figured him for a fellow con-goer. Not so! He’d been driving past, saw me laden down with all my stuff, stopped his car and came to help! What a terrific guy. Who’d have thought a convention about robots would provide such a fine example of humanity?

Checking in was no problem, nor was setting up my table. I also had no issue at all with waking up with plenty of time to check out before I needed to be at my table. What became problematic, however, was finding a cheap breakfast. Unless you have a car (which I did not), there is nowhere that can be described as close by when it comes to fast food or coffee shops. No Tim Horton’s, not even a Starbucks or a Coffee Time! I spent a fruitless half-hour walking and getting nowhere before I returned and settled for tea and a muffin from the hotel cafe. Why is that an issue? One cup of tea cost $4.50. And I blew $20 the night before on a plate of poutine and an ice-filled glass of Coke (itself $3.50).

Once the con started, however, all thoughts of overpriced food vanished. I got down to business, made lots of sales and earned some serious money. After the first hour I’d covered all my costs for the weekend. Good times!

I was also delighted with all the Transformers cosplayers I had the pleasure of meeting. Here are just a few…

I also couldn’t resist making a few purchases. I kept it to a minimum – I was there to purge, not replace one batch of toys with another – but some new acquisitions were inevitable. The Ice Cream Twins, for starters. Only $10. In package! Darth Maul Infiltrator and Obi-Wan Starfighter. Brown Wreckage (technically Bludgeon), with swords. Sky Hammer and Generations Kickback, just because. But the pride of my new buys, hands-down, is a giant Darth Vader (supreme class?). Who transforms into the Death Star! For $20!!! I could not say no to that. I wanted a few more, which is like saying I wanted to breathe oxygen, but I restrained myself.

Were there disappointments? Yes. I still haven’t been able to sell my Powermaster Optimus Prime. It doesn’t help that he’s damaged – a shoulder cannon broke off transporting him back from TFCon 2014. It seems that every collector who wants one, has one. I also couldn’t sell Rodimus Prime. He’s my favourite character, so putting him up for sale was hard. But nobody wants him, either. 😦 However, I did sell Pretender Bumblebee to a friend for a price we were both happy with. He’d been eyeing that one for four years, so I’m glad it finally worked out.

And, I parted with my collection of Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future action figures (and Lord Dread‘s Interlocker Throne), too. Don’t know who Captain Power is? Don’t worry about it. Maybe I’ll blog about them someday…


I couldn’t leave my table for any great length of time and by two o’clock I was pretty darned hungry. Lucky for me the guy at the table beside me made a run to McDonald’s. A quarter pounder, poutine and large Coke kept me ticking over, for less than the cost of my previous night’s hotel meal!

As far as promoting my novel went, the weekend was a bit of a bust. I only sold one copy of The Five Demons You Meet In Hell. However, the man who bought that copy was none other than Flint Dille! Yes! Writer for the 80s G1 series. Script supervisor and writer for the animated movie in ’86! Personal hero of mine! It doesn’t get much better than that, folks.

When the dealer’s room closed, I’d managed to move 2/3rds of what I’d brought with me. Not bad at all! I stayed for the screening of Transformers: The Movie, hosted by Flint (who also provided commentary). I ran into him afterward and we chatted – how cool was that! – but eventually I had to leave to catch the bus home.

All in all, a great weekend. Will I go again next year? Not sure. I don’t have enough toys to sell to justify getting a table. At least, not at the moment. A lot can happen in a year. Especially with a new movie – and movie toyline – due next summer!