I’m Doing the Muskoka Novel Marathon This Year

The 2019 Muskoka Novel Marathon is coming July 12 and running to the 15th, and I will be there. Click here for a list of all the authors taking part in this event.

This will be my first ever time doing such an event, having never participated in NaNoWriMo or the 3-day novel marathon. Writing nonstop for hours/days at a time has never been one of my methods; I prefer the much more relaxed (and far less disciplined) do-a-bit-here, get-a-bit-more-done-there approach. A . In other words, this is likely to be something of a challenge for me.

Will I be up for it? Maybe, maybe not. But do you know what would help?


Yes, I am asking for your hard-earned money.  This is a charity event, with proceeds going to the YMCA Literary Services. If you would like to be one of my sponsors, please follow this link to my sponsorship page. And this link takes you to my profile.

Wish me luck. Please send money. Thanks, everyone!