Young Nostradamus… coming this summer

After ages and ages of editing and general procrastination, I am finally ready to let my next novel – Young Nostradamus – loose upon the world. I haven’t picked a launch date yet, though I am hoping to have it ready for Fan Expo (there’s a good chance I might be sharing a table at that con this year). Let us say late August 2019 for now, and see how it goes.

For the cover art, I turned once again to Sarah Water Raven. She assisted with the Apoca-Lynn cover, and did the original cover for The Five Demons You Meet In Hell. I am very pleased with how the cover turned out, and hope to collaborate with her many more times in the future.

Like my other books, YN will be available on Amazon and Kobo. I’m also planning to have some physical copies made. I’m very excited, and can’t wait to announce the release date. That will be coming soon.

And speaking of coming soon, I have two projects that are next in line. One will be the long-delayed sequel to Apoca-Lynn. The other is the even longer-gestating Kids Who Know, which I still think will be my best book. I will preview one or the other at the end of YN.

More news as it develops…



Apoca-Lynn coming back (even though it was never actually gone…)

My 8th novel, Apoca-Lynn, is soon going to be available for the Kobo! Except, it sort of already was. The first edition of the novel was uploaded to Smashwords, but I’ve had to take that down in order to republish on Kobo proper. Don’t ask. I’m still figuring this online publishing world out.

Basically, the Smashwords edition was dead, and had been for a very long time. The last sale was in the summer of 2017, which brought its grand total to 9. I’m hoping I can do better than that by going directly to Kobo, and later on Amazon.

This is step one in my mission to get back into the game of publishing. Closets, one of my earliest novels, will soon follow. And The Five Demons You Meet In Hell will come next. That’s the plan for this summer. For the fall and beyond, I mean to release some original content one more. I have a novel called Young Nostradamus that I’ve been meaning to put out for a while now. I think it’s just about time.

Stay turned, Tim Believers!