Trump Anthology Now Available!

Trump: Utopia or Dystopia, the new anthology from Dark Helix Press, is available for purchase on Amazon. Naturally, I want to promote the hell out of it! Please click the link to check it out.


What link? Why, this one! Go on, you won’t be sorry.


Currently this anthology is only available for the Amazon Kindle. Plans are in place for a print edition, however. More on that as it develops…


2017 – A Year To Get Busy

It’s 2017, and high time I blogged again. I’d all but abandoned this medium – life got in the way. A lot of loss. Maybe I’ll write about that on my other blog. Suffice it to say, I’m back in blogging spirits again. Sort of. Kind of. Well, a bit.

Professionally speaking, 2016 started well but ended badly. There was the anticipation of the release of The Five Demons You Meet In Hell, and then there was the launch at Ad Astra. Things were great. I announced a sequel. Then, late in November, Pop Seagull closed its doors, and 5 Demons was orphaned.

It was a good year for fanfic production. I wrote three stories set in the Transformers cinematic universe, two of them featuring the Marvel character Deadpool. Those two got a decent number of views and even a few comments! That was nice, but not enough to significantly increase my brand awareness. If you are interested, you can read them here and here.

Oh, and Apoca-Lynn got one more sale. That brings its total to 9. Still can’t break double-digits. I’ve basically given up on that book. A shame, since I spent a considerable part of last year writing a sequel. And plotting the next several books. Sigh.

I wrote a considerable chunk of Zombie Jesus Day, too. More than 2 thirds. It won’t be much longer now before I write The End on the first draft.

I’m also typing up the third installment of my Merc vs. Metal fanfic. I have big ideas for further installments, too. No doubt that will keep me busy after I put ZJD to bed.

I’ve asked a bunch of friends to beta read an older manuscript of mine, titled Young Nostradamus. I’m thinking of taking the self-publishing route with it, depending on the feedback I get.

I’m also developing a pseudonym. I’m giving a lot of thought to branding, and there’s some stuff I want to write that doesn’t quite fit my squeaky-clean, goodie-two-shoes Timothy Carter name.

That’s all I have to say about that. For now, I’m keeping Timothy Carter and the new name separate. Soon, ‘he’ will be blogging and promoting himself, and I hope the right audience finds him.

2017 looks promising. A year for hard work, certainly. For creating product to put on shelves in 2018 and 2019. A year to rebuild my career as an author.

A year to get busy once again.

Can Con 2016 Approaching

In a month’s time I will be back in Ottawa for Can-Con. As usual, I can’t wait to go. I’m signed up for at least 3 panels, and I’m trying to get a reading lined up, too.

I’m hoping to get onto the Deadpool panel, which will not be a Batman vs Superman bitch session this time – there’s a separate panel for that, and I’m on it. I will be defending the film, so I have my work cut out for me.

I’ll be promoting 5 Demons – hopefully all those fans who flocked to the launch of Robotica last year will also come running for Boston Lefebvre!

More news and updates when I have them.

Ad Astra & Book Launch

This was a special Ad Astra for me. Well, they’re all special, but this one was doubly so. I launched my latest novel, The Five Demons You Meet In Hell. I haven’t had a book launch at Ad Astra since Section K, back when the con was at the Crown Royal, off Eglington East. I have to say, this year’s launch went a lot smoother than that one! We had cupcakes. Demon cupcakes! Baked by the awesome and talented (and awesomely talented) Elizabeth Hirst, the big cheese at Pop Seagull.

I did four readings, all well-received (including a reading from Robotica!). There were two waves of launch-goers, with people leaving for or arriving from panels over the two hours allotted to us. Many of them were good friends come to cheer me on, and the others were new friends well-met.

We played around with my Play-Damn, but not as much as I’d thought we would. We had a Make Your Own Damned contest, and the winning entry I named Mr. Pointy. Because of his tail. At least, I think it was his tail… Anyway, that went very well. The other game I came up with was shooting Damned figurines from across the room with elastic bands, but that one failed to garner interest. Oh well. It was an experiment in promotional marketing material stuff, and fun to try.

The rest of the con was the usual blend of joy, fellowship, and rushing around. I spent a lot of time in the dealer’s room, at the Pop Seagull Press table, promoting the new novel and pushing a couple of old favourites. Sales were good, and I was able to get a couple of my friends’ books.


Also, I couldn’t resist Cathullu here. Isn’t he cute?

My panels went very well. Friday night was the Deadpool panel, which I shared with two close friends. We had fun with the Merc with the Mouth, but the conversation kept coming back to how much everyone in the room hated Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I had to bring us back to the subject at hand a few times, not that I minded. Not that anyone in the audience minded. Bashing BvS (and praising the Deadpool movie in comparison) was extremely popular.

On Saturday, I had two panels, but I had to skip one of them (Joss Whedon: Femenist) because it happened at the same time as the book launch. A shame – I always have plenty to say about Joss (and I finally saw Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog the other day, woo-hoo!). The other one was about used bookstores and whether they are good for authors. All of us on the panel thought the answer was a resounding yes.

I attended a few fanfiction panels – always a fun subject. They should have a drinking game next year – every time someone mentions 50 Shades of Grey in a fanfic panel, take a shot!

I had three panels back to back on Sunday. I don’t think that’s ever happened to me on a con Sunday before. Nostalgia in Fiction, Stephen Moffat’s Dr. Who Legacy, and Mental Health in Fandom, in that order. All three were reasonably well attended, and good discussions took place. By the time I got to the mental health panel, however, I was pretty drained.

The end came, as it always does. I helped Elizabeth pack up her table, and then I was on my way back home.

Adventures In Homemade Play-Damn

So I had this idea to make action figures out of Play Doh for the launch of The 5 Demons You Meet In Hell at Ad Astra. My sister loved that plan, and she sent me some recipes for homemade Play Doh. I brewed up a couple of batches of what I shall now call Play Damn, and made some figurines with the stuff.

Some, I sealed in an airtight bag to maintain their moist squishyness. Others I left out to dry, and harden. Both results were promising. Here are some pictures:

Next time, I’m going to make a few in certain poses, like Boston shoving some guy, or Boston splattered on the floor, or Charity twisting Boston’s arm and making him scream like a weenie. Those ones will go on display. Or maybe I’ll sell them as a promotional novelty. I also want a batch of squishy, malleable ones ot use in some kind of game or contest. Make your own Damned, maybe.

I’ll post more results soon!